Libya post-revolution

Aerospace Resources Ltd (ARL) has recently been involved in supporting a number of projects for the transitional Government and Libyan Air Force (LAF) in post-revolution Libya.

These projects include:

  • Provision of Aviation Oils and Lubricants.
  • An assessment survey of military and civilian aircraft assets for potential scrap, overhaul or repair at various airbases and airports.
  • Supply of Ground Support equipment. ARL holds exclusive distributorships for a number of leading suppliers of aircraft ground support equipment.
  • In addition, ARL has been actively working in Libya to provide a wide range of aviation services in key support areas:

Proposal to provide project management services for the large-scale scrap and disposal of obsolete aircraft, engines and other materials.

  • Light Aircraft Engineering support to a Libyan MRO.
  • Proposal to provide temporary bulk fuel installations.
  • Hosted a LAF delegation in the UK
  • Proposal to support the overhaul, maintenance and spares provision for the LAF's Mil Helicopter Fleet.