Islander Modification

We were contracted to purchase and modify a Britten-Norman Islander aircraft with an innovative oil spill dispersant spray system, in readiness for a Special Operations role to meet oil industry response regulations for the UK government's Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The Engineering team at ARL were tasked with providing a project managed solution to a high-profile, environmental operational requirement on the UK Continental Shelf. The re-registered BN2A-26 aircraft 'G-NOIL' was converted to carry-out a year round, 24/7 standby role that enables both visual verification and oil dispersant application, as the critical first-line of defence in the event of a suspected or confirmed oil spill event.

Working as the end-to-end fulfilment partner for the aviation arm of Cobham Plc, our unique ability to develop and manage the solution from inception through to test and deployment reinforces the scope within this part of our business.