Provision of Halon fire extinguishing gas

In support of our Aircraft Spares, Engineering and Training Consultancy activities, we are pleased to source and provide Halon gas to key aerospace customers.

We are pleased to offer a spares sourcing and supply service for hard to find aircraft parts and consumables - these can range from complex aero engine assemblies to electronic test equipment and from piece part spares for legacy aircraft such as the Jaguar, to specialised materials such as Halon gas.

Used for fire suppression on board military aircraft, Halon is both hazardous and heavily regulated internationally. ARL is in partnership with a number of appropriately certified Halon Banking System companies worldwide, all with existing Halon export licences for both Halon 1211 and 1301.

Our Halon services include:

  • Halon reclaiming
  • Halon recycling
  • Halon banking
  • Halon destruction
  • Halon replacement for Halon fire extinguishers

We routinely supply Halon 1211 to government agencies in India for installation on Indian Air Force aircraft.